Thursday, November 23, 2006

I am not lining up anymore

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I went down to my local courthouse the other day to to take care of some business I “needed” to do. When I got there, I found a long queue of sheep all lined up at the entrance to the building dutifully emptying their pockets, taking off their shoes, belts, cell phones &tc before being frisked and scanned by security guards while under the watchful eye of an armed Deputy Sheriff.

“Screw this,” I thought to myself. I didn’t go in.

I read a news article a while back saying that when the Nazis took over Holland they simply posted a notice telling all the Jews to go their local village squares at a specified time and date and waited for them to show up. And being the fearful and obedient little sheep they were, many of them did. Most in fact too, sad to say.

I am not lining up anymore.


Cato said...

I went to the post office yesterday to get a passport. Now, since everyone who wants to go to Canada or Mexico will be required to have a passport, they are so inundated with what the sign on the door said was "unanticipated demand" that they are accepting applications by appointment only.

There must be a way to capitalize on this situation...Overload the system with so many appointments, request so many licenses...the one passport-bureaucrat was obviously unprepared for this and very overworked. If we can make these opressive bureaucracies so overloaded as to be nonfunctional, then more and more people just won't accept them.

The Anarchist Flamethrower said...

I doubt it Cato. They'll just be more bleeting from the sheep to hire more clerks.