Sunday, December 3, 2006

12.02.06 Some Paranoid Rumblings

Is this rifle and others like it about to be banned?

Rumor has it (from the usual suspects), that the new Democratic majority in Congress will again pass an Assault Weapon & High Capacity Magazine Ban into law. And this one won't expire or sunset like the old one did in 2004.

Cobbling together a majority to pass this vampire-like measure (that some of us thought it was dead!) with the help of "moderate" Republicans and "common-sense" but ostensibly pro-Second Amendment Dems likely won't be that difficult, eh? Especially given the opportunism and the fecklessness of the Bush Administration. WTF, Bush doesn't have to face the voters again, so who cares if gun owners and the NRA are pissed if he can trade a sign-off on a new AWB for something he really cares about? Bush might veto such a law, but then again he might not. But why take the chance? Hit your local gun show and stock up now folks! Word to the wise.

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