Friday, December 1, 2006

More Airport Security

A "sanitized for public viewing" example of what TSA screeners will see. The actual image is much clearer and shows more details.

This new technology is creepy. But it will probably prove somewhat useful and it is certainly less embarrassing than being patted down and frisked or being told to undress and be searched in a public area.

As for the shills selling this technology to the TSA and others, well their disclaimers go like this:

“[The] TSA said the X-rays will be set up so that the image can be viewed only by a security officer in a remote location. Other passengers, and even the agent at the checkpoint, will not have access to the picture.

In addition, the system will be configured so that the X-ray will be deleted as soon as the individual steps away from the machine. It will not be stored or available for printing or transmitting, agency spokesman Nico Melendez said.”

Not yet anyway. And how long do you think it’ll be before Britny Spears’, Lindsey Lohan’s, Brad Pitt’s, and other persons of interest to the tabloids x-ray scans make their way onto the pages and websites of the yellow press? Given the potencial financial rewards now made possible to the low paid TSA drudges, not very long, I’m thinking.

The more troubling aspect is what will happen when shopping mall security types, local cops, and other dubious sorts get their hands on this technology? Nothing good I fear. As with most of this stuff, for every person caught trying to enter a courthouse or airport with a knife or bomb they'll be many, many more of us who get "caught" wearing a truss or leg brace, wig or toupee, with a dildo, pocket knife, or some other embarrassing but private, and wholly legal, item. Not to mention "suspicious items" that will require more scutiny. But now the whole wide-world will know about it and have hard copy and digital images to bandy about, too. Creepy.

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