Monday, January 1, 2007

01.01.07- "The Complete Letters of Insurgents" in Podcast

Anarchists being real; what a concept, eh? For once, they speak in their own voices and talk about poverty, jail, repression, internecine squabbling within the movement, the price of cigarettes and groceries, or arguments with their wives; how much they love, and fear for, their kids. I’ve only listened to few of the theses podcasts so far, but if the first few are any indicator, they’re going to be a great listen.

From the moxieO blog.

After three months of reading aloud to each-other on late nights, Freddy Perlman's Letters of Insurgents has now been recorded in its entirety for Audio Anarchy. The book is a long collection of fictional letters between two eastern European workers who were separated after a failed revolution 20 year prior. It presents anarchist ideas in a way that only a story about relationships could, and the reader is left with a set of questions that are subtle, nuanced, and infinitely complex. While this book explores so much (from Platformism to Situationism, from Hungary '56 to May '68, from Council Communism to Stalinism, from the Watts Riots to Spain '36), it ultimately serves to sketch a line; the line between those who are seeking to realize their own potentialities among others doing the same, and those who are building the crystal palaces which always become barracks.

Reading these 850 pages aloud took us through delirium, laughing fits, and lucid conversations. The 31 hours of recorded audio mean a lot to us, and we will be making merit badges for those who listen to all of it. We hope those who do listen will get as much out of it as we did by recording it.”

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