Friday, January 12, 2007

01.11.07-What is a "Libertarian" to the Mainstream Media?

Usually it means (to them) someone who is a hopelessly unrealistic Utopian in their views about things social and political. To wit, this short outburst from social critic and political writer Barbra Ehrenreich on her blog.

"13. Create a new airline –Libertarian Air– for people who would rather risk being blown up than be treated like potential mass murderers every time they fly." [my emphasis]

See the context here? Only idiots (i.e. those "libertarian types"), don't see and understand that the need for a mini-police state at every airport and border crossing is an unhappy, but absolutely necessary, condition of modern life, however sad this may be.

And so the slagging continues. Just remember; who controls the language controls the culture. Remember that the next time Keith Olberman, John Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Al Franken and the rest of the currently popular and trendy political funnymen rip on Bush and the Republicans. They are all just as ready and willing to slag any "crazy notions" about liberty, economics or politics, that you may have or yearn for, as they are as to trash the current targets of opportunity in the White House.

The mainstream media, including the funnymen previously noted above, have an agenda, and the only reason they are aren't trashing us, right now, is because they think there's no real need to. Not yet, anyhow.

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zrated said...

i feel that anarchists have hurt themselves as well when all of those collectivist psuedo-anarchists are always seen in the media blowing things up and chucking M-cocktails at at the police (not that i, personally think that there's anything wrong with that). i think the smarter way to go about things is to be seen as a force for widely recognized good in communities. there's no need to speak to people with a megaphone when you can quietly do good works with respect.