Friday, March 30, 2007

03.30.07 - Emma Goldman Had a Pretty Smile

Emma Goldman, age 21.

Why is it I wonder that whenever Emma Goldman's pic appears in an article the author always uses images of her as a very old woman? They don't usually do this with men do they? Maybe it just bothers me more because it seems to most eyes that men age better. Is this unconscious sexism on my part or some unnamed aspect of human psycho-biology. Who knows? Anyhow, I like this pic of EG better.


zrated said...

you'll have to start a psychology blog to answer that one. i like that pic better, too.

Jeremy said...

What a great portrait. Thanks for posting that - I'd never seen it. I'm starting to think that my being a fanboy or Voltairine de Cleyre has less to do with her individualist and feminist anarchism and more to do with the fact that the only pic I've seen of her is relatively attractive.