Wednesday, April 11, 2007

April 11, 2007 - No One Wants to Touch this Tar Baby

"The White House wants to appoint a high-powered czar to oversee the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan," says this news item in the Washington Post, "with authority to issue directions to the Pentagon, the State Department and other agencies, but it has had trouble finding anyone able and willing to take the job, according to people close to the situation.

At least three retired four-star generals approached by the White House in recent weeks have declined to be considered for the position, the sources said, underscoring the administration's difficulty in enlisting its top recruits to join the team after five years of warfare that have taxed the United States and its military."

But nobody with any thought of a further career in the military wants to take it on. Go figure? Like JFK said after the failure of the proxy US invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs in 1961, "Success has many father's, but failure is an orphan". And in this case an orphan nobody wants to adopt either.

The prospective uniformed "war czars" see the writing on the wall; the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are grinding machines that continually need more blood and treasure, with only slim chances of ever turning out well, but Mr. Bush and his rapidly shrinking cabal just can't admit to themselves that these wars were a bad mistake, and are way too stubborn and prideful to just accept that fact, and get the hell out. And so the money gets spent and the casualties on both sides mount.

The Iraq war is over; and Iran won. The only real counter balance to Iran was Iraq (as was planned and intended as far back as the Reagan administration), and which is now a political basket-case. And as for Afghanistan? That has been the graveyard of empires for millennia, the Soviets and now the US being it's most recent victims.

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