Sunday, April 8, 2007

April 8, 2007 -Self Defense in Theory & Practice

What Really Happens In A Gunfight?
Truly, the most important thing in all this is where you hit your opponent. I have spoken with a little old lady who severed the aorta of a home invader with a FMJ .32 while, at the same time, talking to a police officer that could not stop a knife-wielding assailant with five rounds of .45 ACP hollow-point.” [My emphasis]

Just like with sex, it isn't the size of your gun, but what you do with it, that counts. A sad reality of the world we live in. An interesting read too, if you're not put off by the bloodymindedness of the author. Bottom line: Keeping your wits about you and marksmanship skill trump firepower.

Another interesting article on the theoretical and practical implications of taking full responsibiltiy for your personal safety is What Would Happen If the Police Just Went Away? by Warren Tilson.

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