Tuesday, May 15, 2007

May 15, 2007 – Some Disappointing Stuff Found Whilst Web Surfing Today

This tidbit from Wired.com. It seems that some “white hat hacker” posted an ad with Google that specifically promised (and in clear language too!) to infect the clicker's computer with a virus or malware; and amazingly enough, loads of people actually clicked on the link! Go figure?

“It's hard to say,” says the story about this experiment, “whether people clicked on the ad because they assumed it was a joke, or because they simply misread it as an anti-virus ad. Still, the numbers are pretty scary. The other shocker here is that Google, which does quite a bit of policing on ad content, didn't notice the scammy ad. Stevens says, 'I designed my ad to make it suspect, but even then it was accepted by Google without problem and I got no complaints to date.' Apparently, he's still running the ad, with slightly different experimental parameters. Can't wait to see what he finds out next . . .”

Me too. Sheesh.

And just to round out my disappointment in the level of human conduct and discourse on the web today, a little racist humor from Fark.com, (usually) one of my favorite websites:

“Taliban replaces slain commander, Abdullah Rullah Dadullah, with his brother, Anna Banna Fofanna Me My Momanna.” (Tag-line from the link) [My link added]

I guess the guys at Fark find the names of Arabs and other non-Western European ethnicities amusing. What's next for you Farkers? Polock or nigger jokes? Double sheesh, and a shake of the head here. I am not humorless or PC, but come on now..this isn't just an “all-in-good-fun” joke here, now is it?

Enemy or not, what's so fookin' "funny" about a dead guy? Death is about the only time ever that everyone is equal; equally dead anyhow. And so it goes.

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