Wednesday, May 16, 2007

May 17, 2007 - Tax Evaders for Increased Foreign Aid and Other Stuff

The pot calling the kettle black redux. I found this tidbit while perusing economist Dean Baker's blog:

“That is not the name of Bono's organization, [i.e, Tax Evaders for Increased Foreign Aid] but perhaps it should be. The NYT devoted an article to the Irish rock star's complaints about 'a particular crisis of credibility' among wealthy countries who have not carried though on their commitments to help poor countries. Such words are especially ironic coming from Bono. He became a Dutch citizen a few years back to take advantage of a provision in the Netherlands tax code that applies a very low tax rate to royalty income.” [Link in original]

Go figure, eh? Just like the George Clooneys, Rosie O'Donnells, Angelina Jolies, and such like amongst the glitterati who all employ the best tax evasion/avoidance schemes the worlds best bankers, tax accountants, and lawyers can devise to avoid paying their “fair share” of taxes which would presumably then be redistributed to the world's poor, Mr. Rock Star shields his own wealth the best he can while calling the rest of us cheap. Sheesh. Wadda hypocrite.

On Ron Paul's “Gaffe” at the GOP Debate

Above link is the YouTube clip of what transpired.

Ex-NYC mayor Rudy Guliani jumped on Ron Paul's ill-stated but quit correct assertion that the US wouldn't be such a target of hatred in the world if we left the rest of world the hell alone. Not how Rudy sees it though. He was there, see, and so he knows that isn't why al-Qaeda blew up the WTC on 9/11. How he knows this, Rudy G. never fully explained, (but then does he ever?) The thing that I found most discouraging were all the guffaws and hoots from the studio audience and the smirks and eyerolling from the punditry about Paul's being an “isolationist (like that's a bad thing), or that Paul is just a nutso libertarian.

But then it probably is nutso to ever think that a Republican-Libertarian alliance or common front would ever succeed anyhow given the total transformation of the GOP (the party of Isolationism until World War II started) into the modern day War Party under the leadership of Bush and the neo-cons.

Dr. Paul's noble last ditch attempt to guide the GOP out of the quagmire is now shown to be wholly futile, but I do admit it was a brave and noble gesture on his part. Don't be surprised if the American Idol-style of political debate and the mainstream media pundits and plutocrats who run it, “vote” Dr. Paul off the stage pretty damn soon. And so it goes.

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zrated said...

bono can go fuck himself (U2 rules!).

ron paul is a badass. you should see the youtube video of him on wolf blitzer's show from earlier tonight. he actually accuses Mussolini, i mean, giuliani, of never having read the 9/11 commission report (which he obviously hasn't). he said that adolf, i mean, rudy should go read it and then apologize for his statements! it's so sweet to see someone say those things so straight-forward like that. go dr. paul!

The Anarchist Flamethrower said...

Having musical talent sure doesn't translate into moral and political commonsense though does it Z? LOL. It's like the anti-gun celebrities who all have gun permits or armed bodyguards. The glitterati just see themselves as a class apart from the rest of us, which given their wealth, they are. That was my point.

Bono dodges taxes but then calls the rest of us cheap. WTF, eh?

zrated said...
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zrated said...

no doubt. i read this somewhere: given two goods, one requiring work for proper implementation, the other ready to go, right out of the box, both equally filling a need, most people will choose the ready made good. such it is with opinions and why most people buy cheap opinions in bulk.

bono is no different. he wants to make his voice heard, but he doesn't want to put in the time to figure out what's right and wrong. so it is with so many people.

and that's where my job starts. i'm a salesman. i try to convince people why they need to spend more for the expensive opinion.