Thursday, May 17, 2007

May 18_2007 – Why Our Village Doesn't Need Cops, Cont'd

As if I haven't said enough about this eh? Well apparently not so let me continue on folks. Two cops in the neighboring town to our north (Jackson, MI) got “honored” last night for blasting down a mentally impaired old women who answered the door with a small kitchen knife, probably cuz she was wondering who the hell was pounding on her door. So what did these two brave Jackson cops do? Back off and call for support? Spray her with pepper spray or shock her with a taser? Nah, they opened fire on her and shot her no less than ten times in the chest and face with their pistols. And for this they get the highest award the Jackson PD can give, the "Medal of Valor" [sic]. Yep, it sure does require a lot of “valor” to shoot some old lady to death on her front porch.

Now I would ask all you proponents of a police force if this; Is this the kind of protection and service we really need in our village too? The next time the neighbor's dog is barking at night, instead of just calling them up like civilized people and asking them to let their fookin' dog in already, we'll all just call 911 and have armed cops show up and maybe give a ticket, or take the dog, or worst case scenario, blast your neighbor dead? If everything goes good, and the cops just go with the first two options, are you really gonna have a better relationship with your neighbors afterwards, or are you going to have a tit-for-tat smoldering feud going on for long while, even years maybe? Next time your kid hops the neighbor's fence to get his ball back, they then call Officer Pig on you. Seems fair after all, eh? You did the like to them, right?

Screw all this stuff! We can handle our own affairs ourselves. And so we should.


David Houser said...

Do you have a link to anything with more details to the story? That MLive bit doesn't give much information.

The Anarchist Flamethrower said...

I tried David, but unfortunately the nature of small town newspapers is that they tend to be very low tech weeklies without much online content.

I principally posted this item in a fit of pique for local readers because the local press here is very reluctant to print letters to the editor that criticize the local cops and politicians very much. The Jackson-Citizen Patriot for example has a one a month policy on printing reader comments. Sorry, but that's how it is.

Perhaps I can find a hard copy edition somewhere and scan it.

zrated said...

i don't like the idea of getting cops for your town, but i think the crips or bloods might be a good alternative. they aren't quite as cold-blooded as the police.

somewhere a group of folks gets together and writes thier favorite opinions down on a peice of paper. they say, "lets point a gun at anyone who disagrees!" because they can't do it by themselves they hire hit men and goons to fill the need. these are the police. men who say, "i think folks should drive 55. i'm going to steal from, kidnap or kill anyone who disagrees."

fuck that and fuck them! i got a ticket from a pig monday. i told him i wouldn't pay, or show up in court - and i won't. from this point on, i WILL NOT bow down before another man in fear. no man has authority over me outside of his property and police are no exception. i can be a real bitch when pushed and it may be something they find out where the rubber hits the road.

The Anarchist Flamethrower said...

Right now the village has no "crime problem". That doesn't mean it's utopia, but the minor stuff is just annoying but not a problem. The minor stuff (99% of it all) is just ignored, cuz there's no one who "cares" (i.e., cops) enough about to push the issue. I don't care if my neighbor has three dogs instead of just two (village law) or mows his law before 10am or after 7pm (village law) or any of the other violations of the law that go on here. But cops will.