Tuesday, May 22, 2007

May 22_2007 - RIAA Seeks Royalties From Radio Stations Now Too

The LA Times reports that the RIAA wants royalties from radio stations. 70 years ago Congress exempted radio stations from paying royalties to performers and labels because radio helps sell music. But since the labels that make up the RIAA are not getting the cash they desire through sales of CDs, and since Internet and satellite broadcasters are forced to cough up cash to their racket, now the RIAA wants terrestrial radio to pay up as well." [Slashdot.org/ post]

It would serve these fookin' greedy monopolist assholes right if they did get they're way on this only because I believe that in pretty short order market forces would settle their hash once and for all. Radio stations would likely stop or seriously cut back on playing the songs and bands where they had to pay royalties and start playing more independent artists and groups that didn't require it. What are the coporate bands who are RIAA clients gonna do when their latest crap gets no or very limited airplay?

The RIAA, MPAA and their shills, lackeys, and dupes in the mainstream media and Congress are marching themselves and their products ever closer to the cliff that I sincerely hope that they go over soon. Step on you morons.

And notice please that this whole “the airwaves belong to the people” meme (but in practice actually meaning “belongs to the government”) provides the nexus for their entire rationale (such as it is) for for this and every other monopolistic practice and the rent seeking that they continually attempt to impose (and then enforce) on us. Ditto with copyright laws too. Without a huge government law enforcement apparatus and the threat of ruinious lawsuits in civil courts what power would these greedheads have at all?

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