Tuesday, December 12, 2006

12.12.06 - The Diplomat-Parking-Violation Corruption Index

Hey Kofi! Don't Let the Door Hit You in the Ass on the Way Out!

An interesting article from the NY Times Magazine illustrating yet again what a complete fookin' fraud the United Nations is. The UN diplomats and their entourages routinely blow off parking laws and rules of courtesy in NYC, because they have immunity. The UN types park in places where the common riff-raff (that actually live in Manhattan) are ticketed, fined and towed away for parking. Go figure.

They want to bring the "rule of law" to international relations and blah, blah, blah, but, see, they can't be bothered with fire hydrants, no-parking zones, handicapped spaces, and other such stuff. The link is here if you want read further of the abuses they routinely engage in.

"Social scientists who study corruption," says the article, "have long debated the relative importance of legal incentives and cultural norms ("people like us don't do that") in the decision to act for or against the public good. Many economists lean toward the view that most people will act similarly, given similar incentives, and that cultural norms are less important.

In an ingenious study published in June, however, the Columbia University economist Raymond Fisman and Edward Miguel of the University of California at Berkeley argued that culture plays a powerful role. The two scholars studied parking tickets that were racked up in Manhattan by diplomats from 146 countries who were posted to the United Nations. In a situation in which every diplomat essentially received an invitation to be corrupt, diplomats from nations with 'clean' governments [sometimes] said, 'No, thanks.' "

Imagine that! Keep all this in mind as you read the praises of the soon to be former Kleptocrat-in-Chief of the World Legislature, Kofi Annan's great service to the world community, eh? What garbage. Statist bureaucrats are mainly crooks no matter what place in the world they hail from.

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triman said...

Nothing like the US Embassy in London who continue to refuse to pay charges that now amount to more than half a million US Dollars. They are using the bogus claim its a tax to excuse their non-payment.

UN drivers going through the tag lanes on the bridges and tunnels in NYC City though are somehow different in what way?

See: http://www.london.gov.uk/londoner/06july/p3c.jsp?nav=around