Sunday, April 22, 2007

April 22, 2007_Do It Cuz I Said So, Citizen!

I see from perusing the NY Times that good 'ol NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to levy an $8 fee to anyone driving into Manhattan from 0600-1800 M-F. For the "public good" I suppose. At least that's what he said at the press conference he called to announce it. But don't worry folks, the expected (by him anyhow) $400 million that this fee would raise will be paid mainly by suburban commuters and who cares about them? And screw 'em anyhow see, cuz they don't vote in NYC, eh? Such cynicism.

You folks reading this that live in my village take note; this and similar shit is the kind of thing you should expect to see in the near future if the Village Council decides to hire a police force or contracts with the Lenawee county Sheriff's Department to assign Deputies in lieu of a police force. And never mind that a small portion of the revenue from tickets and fines levied will be kicked back to the village.

I'm told that in many Turd World nations the army, militia and police and other "unofficial" bandits regularly set up impromptu road blocks and rifle through the possessions, cargo, and wallets of whoever wants to pass through. And which is probably better too, in that a quick on-the-spot bribe inhibits commerce less than what is currently being proposed. And it's less worrisome than always fretting about where or when a cop car is gonna pop up behind and give you a ticket for whatever "crime" you've committed while driving to the store or picking up your kids after baseball practice. I was looking a the fine schedule posted on the wall at the courthouse in Adrian recently, and the cheapest fine that I noted was $125 (for expired tabs). Something to think about eh?

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