Saturday, April 28, 2007

April 28, 2007_So Ah...Where'd Those Posts Go?

DEEP down the memory hole, I hope. See, the problem here for me is that anything I write (even opinions) seems to draw me into deep and detailed arguments more suited to grad students, professional policy wonks, and politicians. For every thing I say or profess to believe, someone will object or offer some little known or obscure source which I then have to carefully analyze and judge the credibility of and respond to in kind, and which I don't especially relish doing. After all, I'm not trying to convince you, dear reader, of anything; I'm giving you my opinion FWIW to you, which you can take or leave, as you see fit.

I got into a bad flame war a few years over at over an article I wrote and I should have learned from that experience that it's probably best to leave the serious writing on economics and political theory to the big-brains who have the time, brains and education for such things, and just live my short happy little life kibitzing from the sidelines. In essence to, “leave the writing to the smart people,” as one of my ASC critics so helpfully put it.


zrated said...

i understand. not to mention that there are a million different statistics on the same data. i just read a little at a time and try to break things down to their essence - something i can always bring it back to - usually morality or basic economics.

it is not the critic who counts...

Mike said...

Too bad, I thought you and I, at least, were having a great discussion. I qwuite liked your stuff.

Anyway, I'll keep reading now that I figured out you are the Tuesday editor over at Strike the Root (yeah, I'm a bit slow)